This is a guide to help people comprehend and enter the click movement with additional content to the original website Visit the website first!

I’ve heard about this thing as a scam or a cult.


This is not a cult of any sorts! It has nothing to do with religion or money grabbing! The reason people spread this movement as a cult is to make fun of it, just like most topics when landed on the internet. The movement creator is known as “athene” on the internet, real name Bachir Boumaaza, with the sole purpose of spreading the “click technique” so that people can have a better quality of life in general and adopt an altruistic way of thinking towards others, making the world a better place.

Possible questions

- I don’t believe someone would actually care about and help others FOR FREE! Why would he do that?
Bachir doesn’t need any more money to survive and has no greed to just gather money for the sake of it. This movement will likely spread and Bachir will no longer be the one to relate to it, but every person joining this way of thinking! So don’t worry too much about him as an authority, afterall, this is not a cult. Bachir is a philanthropist, these kind of people exist in our world, so you better start believing.

- Ok, but what about ego? He clearly does it for his own sake somehow! I saw him on the internet and he looks VERY egocentric!
The Reason he looks that way is to get the attention of young people that get emotional when looking at someone “full of himself”. And the plan works! Bachir got a lot of fame just from faking as “a bad guy”.

- Why not show your trueself then? Inspire people from a good behaviour! Fame is useless unless you get either money or ego satisfaction!
Remember, the goal was not to INSPIRE, but to GET ATTENTION! Attention is the most powerful weapon that comes first when sending a message. If you can inspire but can’t get attention, no one will listen to the inspiration. He could have made things differently, but that is past now! He chose his strategy and so far it worked fine. Again, a philanthropist doesn’t require money or ego satisfaction! But they do require PEOPLE!

- It’s a cult dude! He is gathering people to his place!
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I’ve heard this is some sort of big life changer or self help philosophy.


Yes! … And no. This helped a lot of people but it is not for people that need help in a specific way, it is for everyone! And it is not a philosophy! Clicking is a process that happens in your brain (without the use of any drugs) that in sort makes the emotional in line with the rational.

Possible questions

- It is something that changes the brain somehow? Without drugs? If it dictates how people react, how is it not a philosophy?
Calm down soldier. Yes the brain can actually physically change with natural things such as our thoughts and behaviours, as a matter of fact, that is what happens all the time when you take decisions, feel emotions, have an orgasm, or any normal daily life action! Don’t worry, Clicking does not dictates what you do! You will still do whattever you want to, except better in regards for the outcome and you might change what you want! But it’ll be ok, because it is you wanting it! (for real)

- Ok, this seems good. How is it not everywhere? Is this scientifically proven?
It is still a new concept in the works, but pretty developed on it’s own! We are working by the minutes to spread this to the most people possible. If what you mean by “scientifically proven” is with a thumbs up from a known doctor in science and official papers in universities, then no. But this is a work in progress.
If what you mean by “scientifically proven” is that this is being tested in real subjects, recording data and making statistical analysis to how efficient it is, then yes! But you can’t access that data yet, it’ll be ready to share in a few months.

- It doesn’t sound so fishy with these explanations, but i still wonder about it.
GOOD! The first premise we advise is that you always think critically! Most people that claim to be skeptical are actually not seeing new things for what they are, but instead looking at new ideas in a negative fashion with the mindset of “prove me you’re right”. You don’t need people to convince you things, the best you do is to look up the facts as they are for what they are! The burden of making upgrades on yourself is on you, afterall. Visit the website

I’m well aware to what clicking is and i want to start it.


Honestly, you know about it enough to understand on a rational level that this is (probably) good for you, but your emotional part still needs some “backing up” with a friendly person to cheer for you to do it. It is ok, a lot of things in life we approach that way because we are (among other things) afraid of change and afraid to take actions alone (responsibility). But know for now that you are not alone! Most people feel this at start and break through it with just a thought. If you have any other questions not listed here you can ask on the discord channel for clickers.

Possible questions

These are general questions that don’t need an answer and later we’ll tell you why…

  • Will i lose my emotions?
  • How does clickers cope with the pressure of changing the world and/or people?
  • Does clickers make logical decisions ALL the time?
  • What about my family/friends/personality/character?
  • What about finding a partner/having sex?
  • What about any illogical things that doesn’t contribute to people but seem important to me?
  • What if you find something you can’t deal with?
  • Does clickers feel sad, angered, traumatized, ashamed, frustrated if their goals are not met?

The reason why people have all these questions is STILL because they feel insecure about tapping into the concept via the steps. You will just be in line with your emotions and reason at most of given points in life, and that will allow you to be more effective at whattever you wish! So don’t worry about losing something, whattever it is! You won’t! And you won’t become indestructible, but damn near close (psychologically)!

I tried clicking but am having a hard time with the steps.


Don’t worry, here we’ll cover a wide range of trouble people are having with the steps and the most pinpoint helpful ways to deal with those.

Common troubles


- “i’ve heard people managed to click in 10 minutes! i can rush through”
Hell no! Assume clicking is a delicate process that you must take seriously! Don’t rush the steps and only go to the next if you feel you got the previous thoroughly well EMOTIONALY!

- “i’ve felt very emotional and an intense feeling, i clicked!”
Common misconception! At every moment you will feel emotional (if you’re doing it right). Don’t focus on “being clicked” or “feeling the euphoria” because that is a huge trap that might lead you to believe you had a paradigm shift while you didn’t. Just focus on the goal of the step itself.

- “once i click, my job is done and i’ll be on autopilot to fulfillment.”
No! This thought is not only damaging for your process but WRONG too! After clicking there is still remnants of the past, of ego, subconscious memory, automatic action taking towards illogical acts, etc… What you will do after the click is to enter the “maintenance” of the click, strengthening your love for logic with logical actions, even if some of those actions are directly correlated to do it (such as watch cosmos or similar)

- “i read the guides to emotional intelligence and probabilistic thinking but i still don’t feel emotional about it.”

Step 1

- “I am a very logical person so i can blaze through this one”
NOPE! If you are very logical now put that aside and work on your emotional part to understand the beauty of logic as a goal/making sense.

Step 2

- “I can’t find my core value! Seems like it’s nothing or multiple!” Take your time, and remember to FOLLOW THROUGH the step as it is on the website! Do not ignore or dismiss any of the tips.

- “my core value is easy! it’s clearly….”
No! Don’t go rational about it! You have to make the step to find out what is it that drive you fundamentally!

Step 3

- “the guided meditation made me feel such a rush of motivation! i think i’m ready for step 4 and click away!”
Remember to follow the step correctly! You must FEEL the yo-yo technique working on you!

General Questions

- How do i get rid of my identity? It seems so hard, feels impossible!
First of all, understand what identity is! We’ll contextualize so you get it simple: Your identity can be perceived as a number of things to you, such as you memories, your values, your bonds with people, the things you like… All these things define you for yourself.

- If somehow we could erase your conscious memories and you don’t remember ANY of your past what is left?
The “unconscious” memories perhaps, like your reflexes if you trained boxe for years, the love for your mother even though you consciously forgot who she is… The truth is that all of these information is just this… INFORMATION to your brain! So the reality is that with the conscious thought of your mother, you would actually lose your feelings for her! And whatever “muscle memory” would also vanish, since it was also information to the brain.

- What’s left then? Your liking for food and music? Would you learn to like the same things you liked before?
The answer is: probably not! Even these things that feel very ingrain in us are information to the brain and it is all changeable! There might be some variants like the skin on your tong being very thin and therefore you could perceive some strong food as “too tasty” for your taste, but that would never be a decisive factor for actually learning to like the food you like. That’s right… We LEARN to like things, they aren’t coming to us naturally!
As soon as you grasp that your body is just as any other body out there, with the same capabilities, you start maybe seeing that your individuality doesn’t hold too well on it’s own.

- I don’t see how things that i KNOW are real could be called “probabilistic” instead.
You have to understand that these “ground breaking” reality ideas are not such a new thing. Newton Discovered the relativity between time and space! If you travel the world with a clock it will tic differently than a stationary clock! You can look it up on google. Start grasping that our eyes do not see reality for what it truly is.

I clicked, or think so, but i have some trouble about understanding what to do.


Make sure to check the bottom of the page and read the “curriculum” link.

Keep focusing on the following:

  • Always be honest with yourself.
  • Question anything you don’t understand.
  • don’t be afraid to rely on other clickers for answers.
  • Tackle your emotions to check on your core value.

Possible questions

- Does a clicker feel dissonance every time they do illogical things? Sometimes i don’t feel dissonance doing some bullshit stuff.
It’s ok, you don’t need to be hard on yourself. Actually everything we do has a reason in our minds and it is in line with making sense. If your core value is logic, and you are doing something that rationally might seem not effective, it is actually being reasonable because it is tackling your emotion that sees some need in line with your body. Such as, feeling desire for certain foods or your mind wanting to rest or to get energetic.

- I understand things are probabilistic such as success and failure and that helps people not get attached to results, but even if something is likely to happen AND for a good cause (in line with my logical value). Wouldn’t this make me automatically attach to it?
Yes! We can’t run away from emotions, you will be somewhat attached to certain objectives but the emotion being felt is not a flaw in the process, you can keep trusting logic, because logic is the one that is making you understand and overcome these emotions very rapidly!

I’m a veteran who clicked and still have some questions here and there.

Possible questions

- I know i am like any other, i completely let go of who i was and it was releasing! But it’s so hard to see myself in a way JUST THE SAME as others, because my body is here, the pain i feel when i hurt myself is only mine! Other people take different decisions and i am sometimes victim of those… How can i emotionally feel that my body is just a cell to the superorganism touching that other body being another cell?

- I know time is a relative and maybe illusional thing, and our chances of being ourselves or other people are the same… But looking in a practical way to our current reality, i am this body, regardless of chance or past. How can i let go of taking care of myself completely?

Final considerations

Oponomo: Remember to always think of “being clicked” as something that requires permanent maintenance, but that and nothing else is ever a pressure to you, since you are always confident about taking the best decision you can.